Water Purification


Get Crystal Clear Heal thy Water for your Entire Household or Business. This state of the art ultra-fine membrane water filtration system units removes 99.7% of bacteria’s, viruses and parasites, is fully automatic self-cleaning with no changes of cartridges necessary. They come in slim line, beautiful high grade stainless steel housings, 1400mm x 100mm in diameter and with 3/4″ thread connections with a flow rate of 3.500l/h with low pressure reduction.

This is suitable for all private commercial kitchens and even for laboratories. Almost no maintenance is required and running cost is low. Shipping all over Thailand is possible brand new from stock. The price is THB 39.700.-, not including delivery, installation and VAT.


 For information free of charge, send your details and questions by email to specialforme@mail.com