Walking Street Disco’s Take Over

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30,500,000.00 THB – 35,000,000.00 THB Key Money in 6 years – 350,000.00 THB per month Rental per month…

Walking Street Discotheque to take over

30,000,000.00 THB – 10,000,000.00 THB Key Money in July 2016 -.300,000.00 THB per month…

Walking Street A Go-Go Disco to take over

50,000,000.00 THB – 5,000,000.00 THB Key Money every Year – 200,000.00 THB per month Rental per month…

Walking Street Discotheque for sale


(B108) We also have a large empty space for rent inside Walking Street with 280 sqm business space, a high ceiling and low rental price of 300.000 THB per month. It is the perfect place to rent and turn into a discotheque because several very popular disco’s are around. Contact us for details 0800 176 100

Renting  price is 300,000.00 THB per month . + 3 months refundable deposit + 2 months non refundable key money and admin fee. To move  in only 1,800,000.00 THB