Soi Honey Massage Bar Take Over

Pattaya Soi Honey Massage Bar Take Over



(B107) Soi Honey is on the opposite side on Second Road from Soi 10. Soi Honey is a very narrow soi and maybe 150m long. Actually it is a little to the south of Soi 10 but not by much. Soi Honey is actually called Soi 11 Second Road. The round blue and white sign below is the start of Soi Honey on Second Road. Soi Honey is a small soi that has undergone a lot of upgrading recently.

Soi Honey is located between Second Road and Soi Bua Khao approximately 50m to the north of Soi Diana Inn. It is a very narrow soi and care should be taken when walking along it. There are many businesses on the soi including hotels, beer bars, one go-go bar and many massage parlors.

There is one type of bar that is unique to this soi in Pattaya. On Soi Honey you will find ‘massage bars.’ you can come for a beer and if you like you can have a massage and perhaps some extras.

This offer is that kind of business being a massage bar on a very good eyecatching location in Soi Honey. The building has on the ground floor a massage bar, on the second floor is space for staff rooms and on the third floor is a apartment residence for the manager.

The takeover price for this bar is  only 650,00.00 THB and this price is a turnkey price ready to move in because  included is the first month rent  from 33,000.00 THB, the rental deposit of 120,000.00 THB plus the full take over amount.

Fast buyer get a super discount  and can move in for only 350,000.00 THB all in price!!!