Pattaya Slim Up Center Take Over

Pattaya Center Slim Up Center Take Over

(B103) This slim up center is top located in the very center from Pattaya off Bhua Kao. The business space is a ground floor unit from around 60 sqm completely renovated and renewed towards a high class shop to receive all kind of clients, even the upper class finds this appealing.

The slim up center is under the very successful Cryolipolysis Slimming method with a state-of-the-art LB-C5 machine in the center of it. Important and attractive here is that all are non-invasive cosmetic treatments without any operations or serious medical complications or plastic surgery involved.

This Cryolipolysis Slimming Machine(LB-C5) is easy to use, the present  owner will teach the new owner in  just a few days how to use this. It is often described as a fast freezing body machine. The working principle is simple: During Cryolipolysis process, fat cells die through targeted cooling in -15 to 5 degrees .During the approximately 1 hour treatment ,the fat cells are targeted super cooled .Thus ,a controlled cell death (apoptosis) is initiated .At the same time skin ,muscles, nerves and other tissues are protected and not attacked .The application is convenient ,easy and secure .The surrounding tissue remains intact . In the weeks after the application ,the “dead fat cells” are gradually broken down and excreted from the body .This significantly reduces the fat layer ,and thus a natural circumference reduction is achieved .A fat reduction of up to 30 percent is possible .The operation has been clinically tested and proved . The treatments are also to improve skin and slimming on local places, all  non invasive.

Fat freeze machine works like this

  1. -15℃ Cooling Temperature: he most important factor to influence the slimming results is cooling temperature of the handle, our machine can reach real -15 Celsius degree. While most supplier can only reach -10 ℃ at most.
  2. 12 Hours Nonstop Working Cooling System: The best cooling system can ensure the machine 12hours nonstop working time. Our machine consist of three parts cooling system: Water + wind +semiconductor cooling.(Italy imported water pump with unique 8L big stainless water tank and pure copper radiator with 4 big DC fans and 8 peltiers cooling plates inside each handle )
  3. 5 Handpieces Intalled on the Machine: Our machine has 5 handles (2 cryo, 2 RF and 1 cavitation) all installed on the machine, two cryo handles can work at the same time simultaneously.
  4. Cryolipo fat freeze + RF +cavitation, suitable for whole body slimming: LB-C5 combines Cryolipo fat freeze + RF and cavitation

a.Cryo fat freeze for Abdomen,flank, love handles, back

b.Big RF and cavitation for Abdomen, flank, love handles, back, thighs and arm and leg

c.Small RF for face slimming

  1. Considerate Complete Training after Purchase: With the machine we will send you the USB disk including instruction manual and operation video. After you receive the machine, we will also provide online training via skype, facetime, we chat etc.
  2. Professional Aftersales Service Team give you full support: If you have any problems during the use of our cryolipolysis machine, our professional engineers will get in touch with you and give you full support to get the problems solved asap!

Scope of treatment

  1. Fat freezing and fat reducing on all the body parts as arm, waist, abdomen and leg etc.
  2. Soften hard fat tissue,break up lipocyte
  3. Strengthen and tighten skin

Clients are very happy about the results…..

This business to take over is included the state of the art machine and the office material to run the business. The takeover price for all is only 595.000 THB and the rent is only 3.500 THB per month with every year a small amount of key money 42,000.00 THB what is paid now until July 2018. The contract is 1+1+1 years.