Multi D Cinema Businesses Sale Walking Street


Welcome to the “VIRTUAL WORLD ADVENTURE” – an unique format of entertainment for the whole family…

(B077) «MULTI D CINEMA» also named XD CINEMA or 12D CINEMA, is a 3D simulator with many special effects. It bases on a dynamic platform with hydro-mechanical construction, which has 7 anatomically shaped seats. The platform is installed in front of the screen and moves according to the images on it, creating a sense of presence and movement in space. 

These 2 multi D Cinema businesses are located in the very commercial heart of Pattaya and that is Walking Street. Both businesses are multi-cinema 3 dimensional theaters where clients experience the trips as they were for real with moving chairs and special effects like rain and wind. It makes cinema experience out of normal and very popular with Walking Street visitors that have to fasten the seat belts to go on these trips. All of this comes to be seen on a large panoramic screen and surround sounds.

Many different effects include in the high level computers with interactive technologies are named like Aquadrome, Snowride and Snake Runners. It comes all with different effects like snow effects, wind effects, rain effects, shivering effects, lightning’s effects, smoke effects, for the clients worth the money.

The only 7 seats that are moving in 5 different directions in the theater makes it great for small groups or families to enjoy this amazing trip in the future together. Lots of game kind of trips likes street races, Show races and horror trips.

In Walking Street the shops make a daily income between 5,000.00 THB and 50,000.00 THB per day. This depend on the season but also on the weather but in general this business makes a high roi.


The present owner has in the same Walking Street 2 the same multi-cinema businesses. 1 business is sold for 7,500,000.00 THB what is the value of the technical installation but for both businesses he sells for 15,000,000.00 THB minus a huge discount of 4,000,000.00 THB selling both for only 11,000,000.00 THB. The rentals for this places are 120,000.00 THB and 140,000.00 THB per month. Both business can be sold separated, the 4,000,000.00 THB discount in only when both businesses are sold to the same buyer.

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