Jomtien Successful Restaurant to Take Over

Jomtien Successful Restaurant to Take Over

(B110) This restaurant is top located in the Jomtien area on walking distance to the beach and on main road front with a private parking for customers behind the restaurant. This restaurant is Italian with a unique cuisine combines traditional recipes with the exotic. Fusions involving almonds, pistachios, saffron and sultanas are striking elements from its colorful culinary history which to this day are integral in the Sicilian coquina.

The Sicilian connection is provided by the foreign chef who draws inspiration from his native soil, while the front of house hospitality is in the hands of the second chef who darts and dashes untiringly around the tables attending to his customers. The restaurant is open and successful run by the same owner for a period of 6 years. Tables are often filled to capacity. The traditional wood-fueled oven was disgorging pizzas at a rapid rate. The pizzaiolos were fully employed stretching and throwing the dough and the customers were fully occupied devouring them. We didn’t order pizza that night but could see that they were huge affairs, bottom-toasted and thin crusted – definitely a treat to come for our next visit. Prices start at only B. 180.

The first floor of this building has a large restaurant with bar. The road front terrace is a favorite place for many client and have 6 tables. The inside of the restaurant has another 18 tables to serve. On the second floor made a loft is extra space for another 6 tables, always filled up in high season periods. Every floor has a toilet for clients. On floor 3 is a separated large private room for private parties, provided from all a restaurant can offer. On floor 4 is a stockroom and on floor 5 is a fully furnished1 bedroom residence for the manager.

The reason for selling this successful business is relocation abroad. The income is estimated on 11m THB per year with a rent of only 60,000.00 THB per month and a takeover price of 9,500,000.00 THB

This price include a up and running business, the complete stock and interior and a Ltd to run it.
The owner not want to be contacted directly for the sale of this restaurant. Please call 0800 176 100 for more information and meet the owner.