Gay Beer Bar Sunee Plaza

Gay Beer Bar Take Over in Sunee Plaza

(B063) The gay area Sunee Plaza in Soi VC is the smaller brother to Boyztown, but in fact there are more bars and more facilities here. It advertises as “heart of the extreme city” but in general cheaper.

The boys come round and squat down on clients table. Beer bars abound and each has its own character and charm. Also for food, one is spoiled for choice in Sunee Plaza.

This specific bar to take over is a former entertainment bar and it has been converted to a beer bar with the front open. The prices are OK, and the boys are friendly. This bar reopened with new owner and new concept just 3 years ago and is now very successful.  The concept is and open air bar beer with host boys. It is a narrow modern decor Go-go bar with modern design, flashy lights and mirrors and chrome fittings. It gives a very fancy and even high class impression.

The size inside is around 60 sqm inside plus another 40 sqm outside good for around 40 seats, partly inside comfortable relaxing  seats, bar stools and chairs with tables.

The bar is running by 3 boy’s full time and several part timers. The expenses are extremely low because the rent is only 6,000.00 THB per month to start renting with 3 months deposit and NO key money. Although the present owners spend over 700,000.00 THB to decorate and renovate the whole bar, the takeover price is only 850,000.00 THB.

You can call us 0800 176 100 or just send an email…