Factory for Rent

Factory on 15 Rai Land for Rent

(B076) Industrial Factory FOR RENT

This Factory on a long term land lease is located just 5 minutes drive from Pattaya City on the number 7 motorway. This is a very high value logistic location with excellent access to the motor way. The main entrance to the factory is on the side road of the motorway 7.  FOR THE EXACT LOCATION JUST CLICK HERE.

The factory is on the large 15 rai or 24.000 sqm. plot of land and have 4 buildings.

Building 1 is a 10 meter high 1.000 sqm ground floor covered indoor production hall with a Foreman office and work shop.

Building 2 is a large store room, the building is newly built and ready to be used.

Building 3 is a long shaped building with 10 separate rooms for staff, all self contained but in need some renovation.

Building 4 located close to the entrance is an office and admin building with a meeting room and a complete apartment for a manager.

Between the buildings are already in place 4 outside production lines in strong concrete of what 1 is 100 meters long and 3 are 60 meters long. There is space and planning for another 7 more outside production lines.

Walls all around the factory grounds are almost done and there is a space provided to make a road completely around the factory grounds, easy for large truck to work.

Optional is to rent additional 5 rai land located behind the Building 1 if needed. Another option for the buyer is to take over a project to make railway sleepers, this have to be discusses with the present owner of the factory and it involves an additional

investment but could be very profitable.

The financial situation is like this: There is a one time prepayment from 29,400,000 THB for a period from 10 years and a monthly payment from 50,000.00 THB. The rental is the prepayment plus the monthly rental a total of 245,000.00 THB plus monthly payments of 50,000.00 THB is 295,000.00 THB.

You can call us 0800 176 100 or just send an email…