Factories Custom Made in Lease

Thailand Factories Custom Made in Lease, Land for Free

(B089) This amazing offer for industrials is in areas like Chonburi Province and Rayong but also several in other places. The factory place to shipping is Laem Chabang is only 20 km.

This business offer is the perfect solution for companies and individuals and startup companies aiming at having a factory in Thailand.

Mostly the investments in this kind of industrial businesses are extremely high but our business partner and expert in this kind of set up can let you lease building “ Factory “ and provide  you the land is for free.

The floor areas we can provide available are between 1.000 Sqm and 5.000 Sqm. The factory can be built newly custom made for no cost in a  period from 4 to 6 months.

In this business offers we also can provide factories that are already built, just have to adjust and move in to start up productions.

Normal contract is 3 year lease and the business just has to pay the rent for building.

Price is from 200 THB per sqm / 6 USD per sqm. Our partners are top professionals with already over 650 companies serving.

Every potential customer is served individual, discreet with the goal offering a custom made factory with leasing the building while the land provided free of charge.