Complete Milk Tea and Fruit Tea Booth

Complete Replaceable Ice Tea Booth

I-cha is a Taiwanese pearl milk franchise, and i-cha is specially formulated for Thai people. It is made to taste the sweet and delicious tea to perfection. The IQ has selected raw materials imported from Taiwan and mixed raw materials. It is all domestic to get a taste for Thai people.

And a large tribute to buy one set of franchise because customers like to buy from known names. Up to  now it has been well received. The company want to expand their branches to increase profits and lower production costs. Because boiled pearls, boiled tea once sold 2 stores, this is pleased with the customer. The franchise owner has created a career for them. Currently there are 222 branches.

Products and services of tea, pearl tea, tea, coffee and fruit juices taste more than 20 and the famous products of the store are milk tea, green tea milk, cocoa, cantaloupe, taro, coconut, Cappuccino, red plum, lychee etc. All will be delivered by the franchise company.


 (B085) This is an a mazing business idea (Make and sell milk tea and fruit tea) that not let you depend on fixed location. If you put this booth on location like any 7/11 shop renting space in front and it does not give enough profits, you just move your ice tea booth to another location. Shops like 7/11 ask between 6.000 and 10.000 THB per month depend on the location. This booth can be run by 1 or 2 people.

The seller from the booth still have a larger version up and running and  he will teaches the buyer how to run the business.  This booth comes fully equipped to open the business within days. The franchise company will support with providing the right ingredients that they will deliver from Chonburi every day of the week.

The price is only 50,000.00 THB