Bangkok 15 Rooms Hotel with Bar

Bangkok 15 Rooms Hotel with Bar with  High ROI


(B106) This hotel with club is for sale in Bangkok in the area of Sukhumvit soi 18.The hotel business part of this  offer has 15 rooms with air-conditioning, WIFI, Cable and all rooms are sizable and comfortable. The building has an elevator.

The business finances are very positive

Part 1 is the hotel: The monthly rent is 120,000.00 THB per month, the room occupancy is based on 12 rooms at 1.200 THB fo

r 28 days plus several occupied weekends a monthly income of 403,200.00 THB. Staff expenses: 40,000.00 THB, regular bills:

30,000.00 THB. Hotel profits: 213,000.00 THB before taxes.

Part 2 is the bar: Staff is 30,000.00 THB, entertainment: 15,000.00 THB, Security: 4,000.00 THB, revenue is 200,000.00 THB, 173,000.00 THB profit including COGS, 130,000.00 THB net profits per week. Monthly means 520,000.00 THB profits average for July-Mid Sept what is low season.

Combined profits hotel plus bar is 213,000.00 THB + 520,000.00 THB = 733,000.00 THB.   

Selling price for this business is 16,000,000.00 THB