8 Rooms Guesthouse/Hostel/Office/Laundry

Pattaya 8 Rooms Guesthouse/Office/Laundry

(G075) This commercial and very popular and newly renovated guesthouse is a unit close to the busiest area from Pattaya with excellent foot traffic outside in a Top A location. It is perfectly located for both business and leisure guests in Pattaya. All action is on minutes walking distance.

The Property has 4 floors + Roof Terrace with a total of 8 Rooms (1 Fan Room and 7 AC Rooms) where 2 of the rooms today is used as Hostel with possibility to have 4-6 Beds in those rooms making the income potentially even bigger. Total area is approx. 350 Sqm (Ground floor office is about 100 Sqm) + the Roof Top Terrace of another 100 Sqm.

The facilities also include a Lounge Room area on the 2nd Floor with sofa’s, table, TV, fitted kitchen, fridge. This is a part of the Hostel area where your clients can sit and entertain for their liking. There is also separate toilet/shower in this area as well as a separate toilet on the ground floor.

There is also a separate Laundry area to be used for your clients if they wish on the ground floor. Large storage area is behind the office space on the ground floor which easily can be transformed into another separate office area with a separate entrance and another separate toilet. Please note that there are 3 Entrances into the facilities Office/Laundry Shop/Guesthouse so its really 3 Properties/Businesses in 1 that you are buying!

The leasehold is 3+3+3 Years and the rent are set at 41,800 Baht. Key money is set very low at 136,000 Baht for Every 3 year period and payable every 3 years.

The Property comes ALL INCLUDED: Beds, New Furnishing in All Rooms, Office furniture such as Desks, Chairs, Sofa, Table, Reception Desk, TV’s in Rooms, Fridges in Rooms, Air-conditions in Rooms, Guesthouse Washing machine.

The reason selling is due to its owner’s expansion and moving to brand new and bigger facilities. The current owner have been there for many years but due to its getting to small for them it’s now time to sell.

The deal comes with a long-term tenant that has been living there for 1,5 Year paying 9000 Baht/Month and it also comes with the laundry shop rented for more than 2 Years already at 11,500 baht per month Excl. electric, making Your rent only 21,300 Baht per month.

The owners have chosen to keep 7 Rooms available for the High Season as the income from Agoda makes it very profitable, but if you would choose to rent out another 2-3 rooms long-term you would actually stay in a “rent free property” but still have 4-5 rooms to rent out for a pure profit every month!! You also have a rooftop terrace to use for your choosing and fits excellent for Party gatherings perfectly located in the heart of the City, or whatever else you could have in mind for your new venture.

Price was originally set at 3.4 Million Baht but has now been reduced to 2.9 Million Baht for a quick sale as the owner wishes to move to their new facilities before the High Season kicks in.

You can call us 0800 176 100 or just send an email…

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