6 Room Shop House with Shop

Pattaya Center 6 Room Commercial Shop House

(B099) This simple shop house is all about location. It is in one of the most buy off sois from Pattaya beach road, hardly 150 meters from the beach  and 500 meters to Walking Street.

It has a large ground floor shop with behind a possible kitchen area plus toilet for clients. The other floors each have 1 small and 1 larger room and the one on the top floor has a large balcony.

The rent is only 40,00.00 THB per month with 6 months  refundable deposit and a 1 time key money of 100,000.00 THB.

To move in it will cost 40,000.00 THB (first month rent) plus 6 months deposit  240,000.00 THB (5 months for rent 1 months for electricity) plus 100,000.00 THB( time key money), total to move in: 380,000.00 THB. The rental can be 3+3+3 years. Extra investment needs are 7 air-conditioning, 1 shop or bar plus furniture for 6 rooms.

We advise to buy secondhand from the auctioneer (http://www.collingbourne-auctioneers.com/). Estimated expenses for air conditionings and furniture 620,000.00 THB. Business open for 1m THB!!!

For viewings please call us 0800 176 100