12 Rooms Guesthouse with 5 Businesses

(B033) 12 Rooms Guesthouse with 5 Businesses Central Pattaya Take Over

This unique business, open 24 hours per day, is located between the busy Soi off Third Road and close to soi Bhua Kao, just a few hundred meters from Pattaya beach.

The business that has 5 income stream businesses.

Firstly there is a pizzeria, open as restaurant and functional as delivery all over Pattaya.

Secondly there is a coffee shop connected with a bakery.

Thirdly there is a restaurant with Thai and European dishes.

Fourthly a travel agency from the same location.

Fifth it has a guesthouse with 12 rental rooms. (+2 stockrooms)

All of these separated businesses in the same building all have top quality gear to work with.

Aside this highly income creating businesses, the building has 12 self-contained rooms with high occupancies all year around. Most of the rooms have private balconies and there is an option to make 1 more room at the ground floor.

For the moment the present business owner is in full swing renovating the rooms and upgrade the televisions and equipment inside th rooms, the works will be finished in now time by the present business owner for the new business owner. This is one rooms just finished:

The business owner just wants to sell the business for personal reasons and after 15 years want to spend more time with his family. The business is to take over and there is NO key money involved. The rental contract is good for 3 years and the rent is only 70,000.00 THB per month. Deposit and contract change costs are included in the selling price of 12,500,000.00 THB now down to 8,500,000.00 THB.

You can call us 0800 176 100 or just send an email…

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